Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Oil and Gas Subsidies - A new way to distribute them.

The republican controlled house is attempting to cut and slash government spending everywhere.  Even as the hours count down to Republican Paul Ryan's budget plan for 2012.  I'm sure there are cuts to medicare and medicaid, social security, and a host of other entitlements that the working and middle class have paid into since the 1930's.

The only thing they stand firm on not cutting is subsidies to oil and gas companies.  When this was brought up for debate every house republican stood strong against cutting a single dollar for these items.  Some arguments brought up for the protection of these subsidies were borderline insanity or severely misinformed.

So why don't we change how subsidies are given out in this area.  I'm not advocating for cutting a single dollar from this program, in fact if possible I want more money given to it if possible and the free market (you know republicans, the thing that you want to protect above all else) decide where the money should go. 

Every year Joe Kennedy takes the time to promote his heating assistance for the poor and working class.  Now, yes he does bring up the people of Venezuela in the advertisements.  Now Hugo Chavez is not the best guy to do business with, so think of this idea as killing two birds with one stone.

So whats the idea?

Well instead of handing our oil and gas subsidies over directly to the big oil companies, why don't we hand it over to the oil and gas assistance programs and charities and let them decide where they want to buy there oil from.  Since it's so much subsidy money, I'm sure they'll get a better price from our American companies directly.  Working families will not freeze to death or face financial ruin trying to keep up with high heating bills.  Those funds will show up as profits on the balance sheets for our American oil and gas companies pushing their stock price up and being even more profitable which intern focuses less attention to Venezuelan oil and Hugo Chavez.  And Joe Kennedy can even do advertisements about the American oil companies his organization bought the oil from.  Now I'm sure there are more oil and gas assistance programs other than Joe Kennedy's, but his is the most notable.  Free advertising, profits, free markets, helping working families, and the middle class.

It's a win-win situation all around, it stresses tenet #1 of social capitalism, "Compassion Thru Cost."

But the best thing of this idea, is it keeps the "Free Market" intact completely.  Now no republican who values free markets and the profitability of American companies could possibly be against it.  I mean no elected official just wants to give money away especially not REPUBLICANS.



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  1. "I mean no elected official just wants to give money away especially not REPUBLICANS."

    Sure they do! Just not to anyone making less than $400k a year!

    Another good post, Chris.