Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Lone Wolf Terrorism

Before I begin this blog post I want to give credit to Wikipedia for which I found the term as I was just Wiki-ing for different Items.

A Listing on Wikipedia shows what Lone Wolf Terrorism is. 

I found something particularly disturbing on this page:

Direct from Wikipedia

Origins of the term
According to the Anti-Defamation League, the term "lone wolf" was popularized by white supremacists Alex Curtis and Tom Metzger in the late 1990s:
On Curtis: Curtis encouraged fellow racists to act alone in committing violent crimes so that they would not incriminate others. He called for the elimination of nonwhites by "whatever means necessary" and promoted assassination, illegal drug sales and biological warfare as useful strategies. He popularized the so-called "5 words" – "I have nothing to say" – which he urged extremists to use whenever questioned by police as a highly effective means of obstructing prosecution.[1]
On Metzger: One of the most influential aspects of Metzger's right-wing activism has been his advocacy of the "lone wolf " or "leaderless resistance" model of extremism, which favors individual or small-cell underground activity, as opposed to above-ground membership organizations.[2]
Now as I think about what I read on this page, it scares me.  Everyone has the right to be scared of something, you would not be considered human if you were not afraid of at least one thing.  It is only how you handle your fear that is important.  Facts are still pending in the recent events in Arizona. But innocent people have died at the hands of an extremist and that is one fact that cannot be ignored!

But what makes a person an extremist anyway?  I'm not talking just about a political extremist, but just the term "extremist."  I personally do not believe you can be born an extremist, it must be nurtured.  Is it a chemical imbalance in the brain brought to bear by ideologists?  Is it a fear of evolution of society or an attempt to stop it?  Is it a belief that if you don't go to an extreme act no one will notice you or your beliefs?  Is it narcissism?  Is it a feeling of being left behind?

Which brings me to my thought on evolution vs. revolution, hmm, those terms do sound familiar for some reason?  I know I heard them used by a political pundit at some time.

History usually makes notice of revolutions more than evolutions, and sometimes they are one in the same.  One such note is the dark time in our American history on the issue of Slavery.  I bring this up only as an historical reference on a point of revolution and evolution and I take only the opinion that Slavery in any form is wrong.

In the beginning of American history, by the year 1750 all original 13 colonies were involved in the "slave trade."  As time passed, all of American society came to know it was wrong.  But it was not an overnight change.  It evolved to a single point in time where it was no longer correct but being absolutely wrong in society.  But even in the Bible, slavery was ok (example: Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear.  Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ.  (Ephesians 6:5 NLT) (this passage makes me sick to my stomach)).  However even at that time where there is an evolution of beliefs in cultural society there was also a revolutionist push toward the same goal.

Hence revolution and evolution are sometimes the same, and sometimes they act in opposition to each other.

Which brings us to our most current time. 

There is a current evolution of American cultural society.  The evolutional push for the legalization of marijuana, the evolutional push for gays and lesbians becoming more excepted in American society, the evolutional push for multi-cultural religious factions coming together in understanding.  Even the evolutional push for the ideas of free persons to be shared in a forum of learning and understanding (internet), just to name a few.  All of these things that were not even thought up as being possible 60 years ago by the common man.  And make no mistake, eventually all of these will happen, grow, and prosper.

Then you have the revolutionist push back.  The persons who link religion and patriotism in the most sadistic ways possible.  Those who believe if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.  Those who do not like the way evolution is going but doing everything to slow it down, stop it, or trying to reverse it.

Unfortunately there will always be extremists in the global society and that is a fact I can't ignore even though it sickens me. 

The only solace I can take is that maybe, just maybe, in the future, extremists will look themselves in the mirror and will eventually value the life of a living breathing human being.

Yes, I have a dream too.

Just a special note:  Evolution almost always can never be stopped, but with a lot of care and effort, it can be lead in the right direction.


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